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 +====== Store Position On Trimble Thunderbolt ======
 +//John Miles, jmiles at pop.net//
 +//Wed Feb 6 23:05:00 EST 2008//
 +==== Message: [time-nuts] Setting Trimble Thunderbolt Stored Position ====
 +Short answer: go to Setup->​Self-Survey,​ make sure the Enable and Save buttons are clicked, then hit "Set Survey,"​ "Save Segment,"​ and "​Close."​ After that, do a Control->​Restart Self-Survey. The alarm indication should go away once the survey process finishes.
 +You do not need to copy anything manually unless you want to specify a more-accurate survey position than what the Thunderbolt arrives at on its own.
 +-- john, KE5FX 
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