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 +====== Replacing Leaf Springs On HP Equipment ======
 +//This posting appeared on the [hp_agilent_equipment] mailing on Yahoo groups. //
 +After hunting around for suitable material to replace corroded, tired or missing leaf springs for the switches in some of my HP test equipment, I happened upon a source I already possessed. Those little EAS or AM antitheft labels you find inside DVDs, consumer electronics,​ or other high-value items you pick up at Target or Walmart. These are the stick- on, rectangular tags which are about 1.75"L by .4"W. They seem to have three strips of metal: two thin pieces of no use, and one piece of about .002" thickness. This is the same thickness as the original springs, and there'​s enough in each strip to make at least two new springs.
 +The modulus of the material seems similar to the original springs, and the newly-sprung buttons feel just like the originals.
 +Thought someone else might find this discovery useful!
 +Bob Berg 
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