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8051 Code Samples

I2C driver

This I2C driver is written around the Silabs C8051F133 chip, which has a hardware I2C/SMBus transceiver. However, the driver also has a bit-banged version which can be used with chips that do not have I2C hardware.
Here is the header file.

Here is a sample application for a M24C64 I2C EEPROM.

Hitachi H44780 LCD Controller driver

Here is a driver for the Hitachi H44780 and compatible type of LCD display controller. That includes the beautiful Noritake Vacuum Fluorescent series of displays.
The source code is written around the Silabs chips and therefore would work with most 8051s without modification, but includes examples of how to configure the ports on a Phillips or TI 8051 with DDR registers.
Here is the header file.

Hitachi H44780 LCD Controller driver via I2C

This is a combination of the two previous examples. It can be used with the widely available "LCD Backpacks" advertised for the Arduino, even though this project predates the Arduino by quite a bit.

Here is the source.

68HC05 Source Code samples

A keyer for the single lever paddle

The keyer uses the MC68HC705K1 but the code can be easily tailored to other 68HC05 devices or other Motorola microcontrollers.
Check the Source Code. Review and tailor to your application.

They have my call sign embedded, activated by a switch. Make sure you change that part before burning your part.


Free Cross Assemblers for the 68HC05, 68HC11 and 8051