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JDY-30/JDY-31 Bluetooth Modules

I have created an English translation of the JDY-30/JDY-31 Bluetooth modules with the AT command set:


I started experimenting with the STM32 family of ARM microcontrollers from ST Micro, check my first project here:

Raspberry Pi

I am working on a project where a Raspberry Pi hosts a web server which can be used with a cell phone, tablet or PC to control various things in the house. The following pages are the building blocks for that application. Like most everything else on this site, they are a work in progress, keep checking if you are into the Raspberry Pi embedded computer.

Microcontroller projects and tools

Hardware Projects

Electronics Course

Non-Ham Software

  • Tone Generator, A program to generate audio tone(s) using your sound card.
  • WebCam, A program to capture and upload web cam pictures to your web page.

Product Reviews