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 1MHz quartz crystal equivalent circuit with valuesPDF   152K  
 1 GPS Timing Manual LinksHTML   4.0K  
 2 GPS Receivers PicturesDirectory   
 3 OCXO PicturesDirectory   
 4 App Notes and ArticlesDirectory   
 ACE III protoPNG   2.6M  
 Argo Systems AS210PDF   25M  
 Axtal BVA BrochurePDF   92K  
 Ball EfratomPC-10 Portable Rubidium Clock Operator ManualPDF   5.2M  
 CGGTTS-GuidelinesPDF   80K  
 CTI-K1519 Series TCXOPDF   408K  
 Characterization of Clocks and Oscillators NIST 1337 868-1PDF   23M  
 ClockShaper-BrucePNG   44K  
 ClockShaper-DJ-R4-100PNG   40K  
 ClockShaper-DJ-R4-300-plotPNG   16K  
 ClockShaper-DJ-R4-300PNG   44K  
 ClockShaper - 10.7MHzIFJPG   156K  
 ClockShaper BruceJPG   56K  
 Clock Noise Aliasing-NISTPDF   372K  
 Components For Low Noise DesignsDirectory   
 DIY poor man s OCXO w PTC thermistorPDF   120K  
 Datum TymServe TS2000 NTP Time Server Operator ManualPDF   192K  
 Design Considerations for low noise systems 90 1PDF   504K  
 Diode Frequency DoublersPDF   64K  
 Diurnal Frequency Variation and Refraction IndexJPG   68K  
 E10589 Propagation Losses 2 and 5GHzPDF   1.7M  
 EFC Driver Bruce GriffithsPNG   40K  
 Extron ADA 6 modifications for use as 10MHz distribution amp STEINMETZPDF   1.3M  
 FTS 1000 1002 1004 1200 Data SheetPDF   1.1M  
 FTS 4065C Caesium clock Operator ManualPDF   1.6M  
 FastraX ITrax02 enPDF   900K  
 Frequency and Time SystemsDirectory   
 Frequency doubler push push JFET schematic description discussionPDF   772K  
 GPS SAASM And Direct P Y Acquisition FEI Zyfer July04PDF   3.2M  
 GPS SAASM brfg 7 04PDF   3.2M  
 Hadaru HPM103H-GPS Receiver 6v2 050608PDF   244K  
 Handbook of Time Code Formats 1PDF   26M  
 HaveQuick FormatsXLS   24K  
 High Throughput Picosecond Characterization of Pulse ParametersPDF   9.3M  
 Iso amp NIST schematic with values 200MHz 1990PDF   1.2M  
 Iso amp NIST schematic with values 5MHz 1997PDF   104K  
 John Vig Tutorials on Crystal OscillatorsDirectory   
 K-Systems 8821A GPS Clock User ManualPDF   1.6M  
 LORAN Receiver Article 73 Mag Aug 1994PDF   1.8M  
 Larus STS5400 timing system manual 1997PDF   1.4M  
 Lucent KS-24361Directory   
 Lucent LHCP GPS Antenna ConversionDOC   1.2M  
 Lucent RFTGm RFTGm II XO GPSDO modification to add 10MHzPDF   312K  
 Lucent RFTGu Ref1 Z3811A 5MHz GPSDO PhotosZIP   34M  
 Magellan G8 Interface SummaryPDF   336K  
 Magellan G8 ManualPDF   2.7M  
 Manson RD 140A RD 146 RD 150PDF   5.6M  
 Measuring crystal parameters EMRFDPDF   164K  
 Mobile Knowledge MKN5610 060502PDF   1.7M  
 Motorola OncoreDirectory   
 MuRata Oscillator CatalogPDF   992K  
 N1JEZ GPSDO constructionPDF   15M  
 NBS140PDF   82M  
 NIST Technical Note 1337 868-2PDF   23M  
 NIST Yb Optical Clock Operator ManualPDF   1.7M  
 Narrow Band Synthesizer Rick Karlquist FCS95PDF   100K  
 Nortel GPSDirectory   
 OCXO CharacteristicsXLS   44K  
 Oak 4895 OCXO Databook 1999PDF   68K  
 Oscillateurs a QuartzPDF   1.3M  
 Oscilloquartz SA 2200 2205 Quartz Frequency Standard Type 2200 and Clock Option 2205 Operator ManualPDF   136M  
 Ovenair 85-50 Schematic 2PDF   76K  
 Piezo Mini WonderPDF   92K  
 Practical Guide to Isolation Amplifier Selection NISTPDF   248K  
 RFDesign2 FrequencyMultiplierPDF   124K  
 Rockwell JupiterDirectory   
 STS SR620PDF   880K  
 SURE GPS GS002PDF   540K  
 Sarantel DioHelix iTrax02PDF   64K  
 SigmaDeltaEFCDACPDF   24K  
 Simple 10 MHz GPSDO N1JEZPDF   232K  
 Simple AC Mains Zero Crossing DetectorPDF   608K  
 Stanford Research SystemsDirectory   
 Sub pico MultiplierPDF   268K  
 TADD 1 ManualPDF   480K  
 Tekmus 103H 6v2 050608PDF   640K  
 Temex LPFRS ManualPDF   492K  
 Terminating digital clock distribution devices ADPDF   188K  
 The Science Of TimekeepingPDF   1.2M  
 Time Domain Frequency Stability MeasurementPDF   100K  
 Time Interval Averaging Theory Problems Solutions Chu HPJ 1974PDF   852K  
 Time Nuts PapersDirectory   
 Tracor 304D Rubidium Frequency Standard Service ManualPDF   88M  
 US1967185PDF   476K  
 VE2ZAZ GPS Derived Std QEX 09 10 2006PDF   1.4M  
 VNG Time StationDirectory   
 Varian R20 Rubidium Frequency Standard Service Manual 1966PDF   69M  
 Very Low Noise 96MHz Crystal OscillatorPDF   1.9M  
 WWVB DPSK DemodulatorDirectory   
 Z3805 Z3815 SmartClockDirectory   
 amateur timekeeping pptPDF   2.4M  
 april13 -10dBRAR   124K  
 pendulum quartzPDF   17M  
 pendulum quartz smallPDF   324K  
 salis height1PDF   624K  
 tvb Amateur Timekeeping 2003PDF   1.1M  
 uNav uN8021CPDF   164K  
 uNav uN8130PDF   740K  
 uNav uN9011 uN9111 uN8021PDF   172K