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 1 Design NotesDirectory   
 2 Phase noise measurement references SteinmetzDirectory   
 74HC4046 7046 9046 CMOS PLL design guide and files Philips 1995ZIP   110M  
 AN935 Impatt DiodesDirectory   
 Active notch filter article BAINTER 1975PDF   132K  
 Aids in the Design of IF Systems GARDINER MAYNARD Proc IRE 1944PDF   11M  
 All About the Discone Antenna STEARNS QEX 2007PDF   3.0M  
 Amidon ferrite binocular core dataPNG   380K  
 Amidon ferrite materials descriptionsPDF   160K  
 Arc suppression of switches and relays Illinois CapacitorPDF   100K  
 Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook 5th SELF 2009PDF   3.9M  
 Bainter notch filter schematic and design equationsPDF   736K  
 Bainter notch filter tutorial AD MT-203PDF   84K  
 Balanced common gate JFET LNA for loop antennaGIF   44K  
 Balanced common source JFET LNA for loop antennaGIF   44K  
 Baluns how they work LEWALLENPDF   676K  
 Band gap voltage reference theory and tutorialPDF   848K  
 Bandpass sampling geometrical analysis BOUTE IEEE 2012PDF   744K  
 Bandpass sigma delta conversion chapter THURSTON etal 1992PDF   508K  
 Bandpass sigma delta conversion paper THURSTON etal IEE 1991PDF   292K  
 Bandwidth and rise time rule of thumbPDF   160K  
 Beam deflection mixer SQUIRES QST 1963PDF   468K  
 Bounding and clamping techniques PEASE EDN 1983PDF   908K  
 Bridge Stabilized Oscillator MEACHAM BSTJ 17-4-574 1938PDF   9.7M  
 Broad band transformers RUTHROFF IRE 1959PDF   1020K  
 Broadband random noise generator (analog) WILLIAMS LT DN-70PDF   92K  
 Broadband transformers and combiners ARRL 2009PDF   248K  
 Calculating Transformers ParasiticsPDF   716K  
 Calibrated RF noise source SABIN QST 1994PDF   360K  
 Cascaded Diophantine Frequency Synthesis SOTIRIADISPDF   492K  
 Ceramic capacitor aging JohansonPDF   48K  
 Ceramic capacitor grades NIC 2002PDF   284K  
 Ceramic capacitor temperature coefficient graphPNG   84K  
 Charge pump voltage inverter with NE555 STEINMETZPDF   968K  
 Coax connectors photo identification chartPDF   608K  
 Coilcraft WB Series wideband RF transformers datasheetPDF   324K  
 Collapse of cross correlation NELSON etal Elec Letters 2013PDF   120K  
 Commutating MOSFET DBM w high dynamic range OXNER Siliconix AN85-2PDF   1.8M  
 Comparison of null microvolt meters Fluke 845A HP 419A Keithley 155PDF   196K  
 Crystal Parameter Measurement Shunt Method KOEHLER QEX 2010PDF   704K  
 DIY RF Power Reference DARETTI QEX 2010PDF   600K  
 DSP tutorial SMITH QEX 1998PDF   5.3M  
 Design of RLC bandpass filters BUCH 2010PDF   504K  
 Designing Wilkinson LC power splitters RFD 2002PDF   220K  
 Dielectric absorption PEASE EDN 1982PDF   672K  
 Diophantine Fast-Hopping Frequency Synthesizers SOTIRIADIS IEEE 2008PDF   176K  
 Diophantine Frequency Synthesis paper SOTIRIADIS IEEE 2006PDF   444K  
 Diophantine Frequency Synthesizer article SOTIRIADIS 2007PDF   564K  
 Diophantine synthesizer with coincidence mixer STORK etal 2007PDF   392K  
 Divide by 3 symmetrical 3 phase BOND 2005PDF   104K  
 ESI Engineering Bulletin no 30 Traceability of resistance measurementsPDF   1.5M  
 ESI Engineering bulletin no24 Calibration of Kelvin Varley DividerPDF   976K  
 Feedback SSO603 Sine-Square Oscillator Service ManualPDF   6.3M  
 Fluke PM6303 RCL meter EPROM R1ZIP   4.0K  
 Frequency Measurement Sample Variance With High Resolution Counters RUBIOLA 2005PDF   108K  
 Frequency divider divide by 3 symmetrical STEINMETZPDF   16K  
 Frequency multiplier circuits survey and theory ROSUPDF   768K  
 Generating complex baseband and analytic bandpass signals LYONS 2011PDF   92K  
 HP-Bench-Briefs-1987-04-06PDF   3.6M  
 HP 5370Directory   
 HP 84xx AN-64Directory   
 HP 8566 8568 AM Measurements using FFT Programming NotePDF   5.5M  
 HP AN1129 Low Noise 2.3GHz Amplifier ATF-36077PDF   36K  
 HP AN117-1 - uW Network Analyzer ApplicationsPDF   21M  
 HP AN1289 The Science Of TimekeepingPDF   1.2M  
 HP AN1449-1 RF Microwave Power Measurements 5988-9213ENPDF   552K  
 HP AN200 - Fundamentals of Frequency CountersPDF   220K  
 HP AN286-1 HP 8901A Modulation AnalyzerPDF   3.0M  
 HP AN301-1 Low Noise Division of 10 MHz OscillatorsPDF   2.6M  
 HP AN57-1 Noise Figure MeasurementPDF   2.3M  
 HP AN920 SRD ApplicationsPDF   9.2M  
 HP Application Note Calibrating Phase Shifters - Application Note 19PDF   4.0M  
 HP PN seminarPDF   6.8M  
 HP Power Sensors 5968-7150EPDF   432K  
 Harmonic content of various periodic signalsPDF   588K  
 High dynamic range preamp Rohde 1975 w correctionsPDF   2.7M  
 Hollow State News HSN complete issues 1-53ZIP   23M  
 I2C Bus Specification June 07 UM10204 3PDF   368K  
 Image reject and SSB mixers W-JPDF   128K  
 Image reject mixers ARRLPDF   460K  
 JPL D-11088 Introduction to GipsyOasisPDF   21M  
 Kalman filtering tutorial YU-CHI (cleaned up)PDF   536K  
 MIT Radiation Lab OCRPDF   707M  
 MSK demodulation and carrier recovery papersZIP   3.4M  
 Maxim-NoiseSource-AN3469PDF   48K  
 MeasurementScienceConference1983PDF   13M  
 Measurement Science Conference 1983PDF   13M  
 Measurement of Oscillator Stability With Frequency Counters DAWKINS etal 2006PDF   2.7M  
 Measuring ferrite chokes BROWN K9YCPDF   200K  
 Modified Allan Variance ALLAN BARNES NIST TN-254 1981PDF   324K  
 Mohr on Noise FigurePDF   448K  
 NationalSemi Clock ConditionersPDF   3.6M  
 Network AnalysisDirectory   
 New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems KALMAN ASME 1960PDF   172K  
 Noise (textbook) LEACH 245ppPDF   4.1M  
 Noise Analysis of High Speed Op Amps (TI) SBOA066A 2005PDF   196K  
 Noise generator with shift register LACANETTE ED 1990PDF   76K  
 Omega Frequency Counter based on Linear Regression RUBIOLA etal 2015PDF   856K  
 PLL Circuit Design WOLAVER 1991PDF   7.5M  
 PLL Performance Simulation Design 5th BANERJEE 2017PDF   9.4M  
 Parabolic Variance PVAR based on least squares fit VERNOTTE etal 2015PDF   1.5M  
 Performance Capability of Active Mixers ROHDEPDF   12M  
 Phase noise measurement referencesZIP   32M  
 Post regulator power supply noise reduction HAGEMANPDF   560K  
 Power Designs 3K10B High Voltage Power Supply Operator Manual-PowerDesigns3K10BusersmanualPDF   6.0M  
 Power supply ripple and noise reduction active techniquesPDF   288K  
 Power supply ripple rejection MORONGPDF   316K  
 Practical Amplifier Diagrams ROBIN LIPMAN 1947PDF   5.0M  
 Pratt Diode detectorsPDF   848K  
 R392 26A7 MOSFET replacement Johnson annotated updatedPDF   2.0M  
 RF Directional Couplers ELLISPDF   368K  
 RF Mixers survey and tutorial ROSUPDF   904K  
 RadLab SeriesDirectory   
 Receiver antenna multicoupler with AD8010 preampPDF   104K  
 Receiver antenna multicoupler with p-p parallel JFET preampPDF   600K  
 Receiver architectures for DCF77 WWVB MSF JJY time frequency signals ENGELER IEEEPDF   1.1M  
 Report on NBS DMTD system ALLAN 1976PDF   1.5M  
 Resistor noise in 20kHz bandwidth graphPDF   28K  
 Reverse leakage of diode-connected BJTs and FETs measurement resultsPDF   96K  
 Rubidium oscillator fundamentals CAMPARO Physics Today 2007PDF   496K  
 SMD transistor packages 1 RohmPDF   372K  
 SMD transistor packages 2 RohmPDF   248K  
 Scherer Art of PN measurementPDF   1.1M  
 Scherer Low PN Signal GenerationPDF   752K  
 Scherer Low noise source design and testPDF   1.3M  
 Short-Term Frequency Stability IEEE-NASA symposium NASA SP-80 1965PDF   18M  
 Small Signal Audio Design SELF 2010PDF   11M  
 Study of Hot Carrier Diode Mixers GULER thesis 1970PDF   8.1M  
 Superharmonic Injection Locked Frequency Dividers RATEGH IEEE 1999PDF   436K  
 Synchronous AM detector document collectionZIP   48M  
 THD analyzer DIY construction article CORDELL 1981PDF   3.9M  
 THD analyzers tutorial MOOREPDF   1.9M  
 Tektronix - DPO brief1003PDF   1.4M  
 Tektronix - SamplingScope notesPDF   27M  
 Tektronix - Spectrum Analysis Using Waveguide MixersPDF   700K  
 Triple balanced mixer primer Marki MicrowavePDF   1.2M  
 Troubleshooting Analog Circuits PEASE 1991PDF   14M  
 Tube amplifier tests Naval Research Laboratory 1953PDF   7.5M  
 Tube op amp schematic M9 System Bell LabsPDF   52K  
 Tubes 201 how vacuum tubes really work HARPER 2002PDF   784K  
 Tutorial 390 decade counter operation and applicationsPDF   1.1M  
 US Patent 5267182 Diophantine frequency synthesis WILKE 1993PDF   1.7M  
 Ultimate voltage follower HOROWITZ HILLPDF   52K  
 Undersampling ADC benefits NationalPDF   240K  
 Undersampling tutorial OKAWARA 2008PDF   144K  
 Very wideband RF transformers BBC 1947PDF   13M  
 WJ Mixers Part 1PDF   632K  
 Wave Bubble GPS jammer schematicPDF   56K  
 Western Electric transformer specifications 1964PDF   4.6M  
 Wide Band All Pass Phase Shift Networks McNULTYPDF   264K  
 Zener theory and design ONsemi HBD854-D 2005PDF   1.1M